Dog Services

Door #1

  • Coat brushed out
  • Bathing with organic, natural products
  • Hand drying, no cage
  • Nails clipped
  • Paws cleaned and trimmed
  • Ears wiped clean
  • Small mats removed
  • Sanitary and belly trim

Door #2

  • Services behind Door #1 plus:
    • Hair trim and shaped as desired
    • Paw treatment
    • Breath freshener

Door #3

Services behind Doors #1 & #2 plus:

  • Shave down or puppy cut

    Shaving a heavily coated dog during the summer months is NOT RECOMMENDED. In both hot and cold weather, a dog’s coat regulates body heat, provides insulation and protects the body from the sun.


Door #4

Custom services are available after a discussion with our groomer.

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